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ok, so i fell a LITTLE behind, BUT the drawing continues...
I know this is a little beside the point BUT week 2 is Crappy 90's Cartoons Week.  Now I know this is VERY subjective, so if any of the shows I chose to draw are shows anyone enjoyed, sorry.  But i thought they sucked lmao!!!  5 have already been posted, 2 to go!

Week 3 is plant based monsters!!!  Go through any sci-fi show, comic, cartoon, or movie and eventually you'll run into some form of plant based monster... this is the week that honors them!!!!

Thanks as always for all the faves/comments/watches/ and badges.
You guys are the best!
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Yea Yeah, im a little late announcing it, but HEY I'VE BEEN DRAWING!!!!  So this year, I'm keeping it low key, no huge multi person challenge, just me and I welcome the return of :iconmaizedroid: to the challenge.  For anyone that follows or cares, he's the one who started the challenge with me back in... i think it was 2006?  Still, its awesome having him back, check out his page for his pics, and give him a shout!

This year, I'm not enforcing the colored pic a week as frankly, I'm too busy.  I just want to get into the spirit of drawing constantly, SO IM DRAWING CONSTANTLY!!!  I'll be posting sporadically as i'm posting the drawings i do in bulk as opposed to 1 per day... who knows, maybe i will depending on time permitting!  So this years rules are DRAW DAMMIT DRAW!!!!

Week 1's theme is :
1 Eyed Characters!
Cyclopses, patch wearers, aliens or mutants?  Don't matter as long as they only have 1 functional eye!!!  We may get a pirate in here even.. assuming we're not all sick of them already!!!!

For anyone interested in following me on Facebook and Instagram here are the links, just add me and i'll do the same on Facebook, or just watch on Instagram.

I'm still considering a twitter and other such accounts... not quite sold on them yet.

Well, peace for now, thank you all for all the watches/faves/comments/and badges!!!  You guys are the greatest!
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Feeling a little down these days, BUT there is still plenty of work to do, SO.... screw the feels, i got crap to do!!!

Still going strong with the podcast, here are the latest episodes for anyone wanting to hear em!

Episode 30 Ranma 1/2…
Episode 31 Ghostbusters…
Episode 32 The Rise and Fall of Cartoon Network…
Episode 33 *batteries not included…
Episode 34 The Fall of CN Continues…

Thanks to all of you for all the faves/watches/badges/and comments, you guys are the best!!!

Peace y'all!!
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And the next thing i knew, 3 months had passed since i got back and hadn't updated my damn journal due to fatigue, business, life, love, fun and everything in between!!!!

So for starters, let me finish up what I started last time with a little recap of the last 4 Pearl Jam Shows!

Spokane-Spokane Arena-Saturday, November 30th:
My stay in Spokane was less than stellar.  It HAD snowed, but was just kinda cold afterwards with no new snowfall which was kind of a bummer... plus I wandered around for 2 hours before i finally realized that the Holiday Inn I was looking for had been rebranded as a Howard Johnson Inn or motel or whatever... sure was nice of NO ONE to tell me lol!!!  Seriously, Expedia, Howard Johnson AND Holiday Inn, none of them could be bothered to send an email to a customer to let him know that the motel you reserved a room at had changed names and to keep an eye out for the new name?!?!?  So yeah, that was fun.  Once I got checked in I warmed up, got ready for the show, then ended up taking a cab.  The arena was only like 2 miles away, BUT not being used to temperatures less than 40 degrees (SoCal native here, I never deal with anything too far from 50 degrees lol) I decided to take a cab.  It was cheap enough and I made it to the show promptly.  The show itself...  I gotta say that the WHOLE show was blurred by the highlight... a fan held up a sign that read "will shave head for Brain of J".  Eddie saw this and asked him on stage, and proceeded to shave his head (the dude had HUGE dreadlocks, some over 2 feet long).  So the guy got his locks lopped off, they played his request, and hell he got to go onstage with the band for a minute... THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!  Add to that, I got to hear a few rarities at this show.  Nothing as it Seems, Dont Gimme No Lip, a cover of I Wont Back Down, Push Me Pull Me... too good!!!!  Overall, this show was a BLAST, but aside from the rarities, it felt a little more... like a replay... not that I mind, but the setlist was a little weaker with so many repeats so I give the show a 9 out of 10, because that head shaving did make it pretty epic!!!

I spent 2 more days in Spokane before heading out to Canada for the next show.  And once I arrived in Calgary.. it was miserable lol.  There was a HUGE blizzard/snowstorm going on, in fact the snow was coming down from the moment I arrived until about 3 hours before I left, making it a little difficult to even WANT to see the city.  I honestly considered not going to this show just because I had gotten so cold, and was starting to show signs of wear and tear from being out in the cold (-14 degrees here!).  Then I got a message from fellow Pearl Jam fan Richard Lee who flew from New Zealand to follow them too.  "Come on, you made it this far!".... he was right... SO I SUCKED IT UP AND WENT TO THE SHOW!!!!

Calgary-Scotiabank Saddledome-Monday, December 2nd:
Ok, first off, they started this show with Of the Girl and Hard to Imagine, which was just PLAIN FREAKING AWESOME!!!!  They played 2 more songs that I always wanted to hear live, Wishlist and I am Mine... I was floored lol.  There was a family sitting in front of me, a mother, a father and a son.  They kid couldn't have been older than 12 and he was singing along to most of the songs and dancing around to everything.  It was absolutely adorable, it honestly made me want to be a parent just cuz these two had clearly raised their boy right lol, he LOVED Pearl Jam, and that is just the right thing to do hah!  I wanted to ask the family if I could take their picture for my tour scrapbook but ended up leaving them alone, I thought it might be a little creepy for a complete stranger to ask for a photo, I just enjoyed the family singing along and having a great time, it made this show a little more memorable for more than ITS FREAKING SNOWING EVERYWHERE AND I MAY BE STUCK IN TOWN!!!  Still a solid set, really nice people everywhere and yet again, great seats!  8 out of 10!

So we were snowed in and it looked like I wasnt going to be able to get to the airport the next morning to get out of town, but luck shone on me and a cab came through at LITERALLY the last minute (about 15 minutes to 5 am).  So off I went to my next destination, Vancouver!

Vancouver-Rogers Arena-Wednesday, December 4th:
Ok seriously, this first thing I HAVE to comment about Vancouver is this... WHAT IS UP WITH THE LADIES THERE?!?!?!?!  EVERYONE HERE IS A BABE!!!!  I am convinced that I just missed the sign that read "you must be THIS hot to live here", because seriously everyone woman i saw there was gorgeous, and unbelievable!!!!  I will return one day just to go sightseeing haha!!  This town was pretty awesome, so clean.  Went to a McDonalds there, and I swear the food was "healthier" than anything i'd eaten in Los Angeles.  I could actually taste the lack of preservatives!  Yes Vancouver, you are an awesome city that I wish to return to one day!  But this isnt about the city, it is about... THE SHOW!!!  Second only to the hometown show in Seattle, and maybe San Diego since I was so close to the stage, this was probably the best show I went to based solely on the crowd.  Met 2 new friends from Seattle, Kevin and Christian, who were there because they didnt want to see a show in their hometown, they could do that whenever!  Also there were the folks sitting in front of us who started chatting with us the minute they sat down!!  This was a FANTASTIC setlist as well.  Wound up hearing a few more rarities like Thumbing My Way, Soon Forget, Can't Keep, and God's Dice, on top of a finally got to hear Not For You live!!!  After the show, went out for a few drinks with the new friends I'd made.  10 out 10, just had a BLAST at this show!!

Then...finally... the hometown show!!!!

Seattle-Key Arena-Friday, December 6th
Checked in to the hotel early and caught up on sleep.  Its really funny, the temperature here at the time was between 0 and 4 degrees, but honestly after the -14 weather in Calgary, this coldness didn't faze me in the slightest!  Finally got a chance to meet friend Richard from New Zealand and a few of his friends.  We went out for drinks then enjoyed the nearby sights as we walked around town and visited the Space Needle.  We also visited the PJ fans already in line for the show the next day and just had a blast!!!  The next day was the show and it was just... I know i say it a lot but it literally was the BEST SHOW EVER.  I've only been at 1 show in my life where EVERYONE in the crowd was singing along, it was the Hatsune Miku concert in LA at the Anime Expo in 2011.  Even though the music was not my cup of tea, i was moved by the amount of love pulsing out of the crowd to the stage.  I felt that at this show... PLUS I WAS ALSO SINGING ALONG!!!  But it is an amazing experience when the singing of the crowd almost drowns out the band playing on the stage!  The setlist was solid, but i had hoped for a little more... HOWEVER!!!!... I got to hear them play Let Me Sleep, a christmas song that they had only played live once before!  THAT WAS AMAZING!!  Plus, i finally got to hear their cover of Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns, which almost brought me to tears.  This was a perfect end to a perfect vacation.  It was a blast, and I hope to do it again sometime!  10 out of 10!!!!!

That was the vacation side of it... afterwards I returned and got back to work ,only to get sick from what i can only assume was all the cold exposure lol!!  Had some hectic holidays, but some special events towards the end of the year made me able to cap off the year by saying 2013 was the GREATEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!  It was one for the record books for sure :)

That said, in January the NVP podcast returned, and I completely forgot to make an announcement here!
For Starters Nero and I have a new Website,, and this site is the new home to Nero's movie reviews and the NVP podcast.  We're working on getting the old episodes back on there, and update weekly on Sundays.  Feel free to stop on by and give us a listen if you have some free time or if you generally enjoy nerd chatter!

Episode 23. The big return!  Nero and Verb recant about all that we missed on our break:…
Episode 24. Pro Wrestling…
Episode 25 Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt…
Episode 26 Shows That Were Taken From us Before Their Time…
Episode 27 Shows That Have Worn Out Their Welcome…
Episode 28 Underrated Comic Book Movies…
Episode 29 Super Smash Bros…

Thats it for the wrap up... I obviously died out on the November Challenge this year, but I'll make up for it soon enough!!
Thanks as always for all the views/faves/watches/badges and comments!!!
You guys are the greatest!
Peace Y'all, its great to be back!!!
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Ok, so my trip to follow Pearl Jam up the West Coast is halfway done, and unfortunately it COMPLETELY derailed my November Challenge... this is Partly why i did that challenge earlier this year in July!!  But still, i will try to at least finish a dozen drawings, they just won't be posted until I return to LA after next Saturday, Dec 7th...
In the meantime, here's a play by play of the shows I've attended so far!::

San Diego-Las Viejas Arena-Thursday, November 21st:
Ok, I was in the pit for this show, Pearl Jam rocked, it was just AMAZING to be there.  An amazing setlist consisting of some of my favorite songs, including rarely played ones like "Tremor Christ", and "In Hiding".  Great experience and Pearl Jam played for 3 and a half hours, it was mindblowing!!!  Plus, I GOT A PICK!!!!!  SUCK IT, GUY STANDING NEXT TO ME!!!! A solid 10 out of 10 if such a thing is possible, especially after the false ending series of show closers... Alive could have closed, NOPE... Baba O'Reilly could have closed... NOPE!!! YELLOW EFFING LEDBETTER!!! NOPE!!!!  Finally ending with Rocking in the Free World... we were exhausted and I still had to drive from San Diego to LA... thankfully the roads were empty!

Los Angeles-LA Sports Arena-Saturday, November 23rd:
For this show, i was in the seating area so while the EXPERIENCE itself failed to compare, DAMN DID THIS SET LIST BLOW SAN DIEGO AWAY!!!!  They played all but 3 songs off of their first CD, Ten, and just barraged us with song after song, THAT I ACTUALLY KNEW!!!!  Usually half the show is composed of songs that I don't know the words to, or am not familiar with and leave little impact but DAMN these were some great choices!  Again, didn't compare to being in the pit, but from a purely set list oriented point of view, it was even better!  I'd say this was a solid 8-9 out of ten, the setlist was just on fire and a crowd please for anyone who was a fan!

Los Angeles-LA Sports Arena-Sunday, November 24th:
Ok, at this show I met up with some friends that I havent seen since 1998, it was GREAT just catching up with the guys, and talking about life and good times, and what became of ourselves.  That alone made for a great show, but of course...this show was FANTASTIC... you know what get used to it, there will never be a BAD Pearl Jam show to a fan like me, just shows that are not AS good as that other one lol.  They started the set with Oceans, so off to a great start!!!  They also did "Breath" which is a song i have ADORED since i first heard it on the "Singles" Soundtrack back in 1992!  They premiered a cover of a Lou Reed song, After Hours and it was REALLY GOOD, along with a cover of Pink Floyd's Mother which was almost tear inducing!!  Solid 9 out of ten... just because I got a few MORE faves at the San Diego show

Oakland-Oracle Arena-Tuesday, November 26th:
Ok, if there were a show that I could call bad it would be this one, BUT I am not going to. I will merely say that it wasn't as good as the others leading up to it.  Partly because there were quite a few lyrical flubs where Eddie completely lost his place in the song and as funny as it was, I expect a little more from the lead singer when he's playing a high capacity crowd, especially after all the smack talk...  See at one point, Eddie mentions that a Tuesday Night Crowd is WAY better than a Sunday night one... to which i responded HEY SCREW YOU, I WAS AT THE SUNDAY CROWD lol!!!  That and apparently some fans that flew in from Brazil were mugged in the arena and lost everything.  Thanks to other fans, they were going to be ok, but at that point Eddie jokingly says something like "Looks like we got some LA fans here tonight" to which I again responded, "HEY SCREW YOU, I AM FROM LA lol!!!"  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind a little smack talk, and to be fair its a great way to rile up the crowd.  BUT we didn't get any of that in the San Diego or the LA shows, so I felt a little cheated, while at the same time wondered is this what it takes to warm up the Oakland crowd?  Being in a place with so much hate for Southern California did make me feel like the odd man out, and I tried my best to simply blend in and not draw attention to myself.  That said, still a VERY strong set and an awesome effort from the band playing in at 3 hours and 20 minutes.  Only the audience swayed my vote to give this show a 7 out of ten, great band, harsh crowd if you're not from Norther California... If you ARE an Oakland native, this was probably a 27 out of 10!  Plus they DID play "Hail Hail", a song I REALLY wanted to hear!!  For what its worth though, let it be known that at THIS show, I lost my voice from screaming and singing along so much, so I'd say since i CLEARLY was enjoying myself at this show, that will put this show's review at an 8 out of 10!!!

Portland-Moda Center-Friday, November 29th:
Ok, Portland felt SO MUCH friendlier than the Oakland crowd, and I felt at home with fellow Pearl Jam fans as opposed to alienated!!  Again, a VERY solid setlist, plus i was surprised that for once, I got a really good seat from my online purchase, no nosebleed seats or anything, this was a legitimately GOOD seat!!  Got to hear "Rats" and "Life Wasted", 2 more songs that I really wanted to hear live.  The preceding shows didn't have an opening act, so we just had nothing but Pearl Jam all night, which while not a bad thing... there's something cool about having an opening act to know you're there and they didnt want you to get bored waiting!  Spoke to a lot of fellow fans, and had a blast at the show.  Solid performance and very little in the way of flubbing the lyrics lol.  Overall, a solid 9 out of 10 from me.

Tonight I go to the Spokane Arena in (suprise!!) Spokane!... its snowing up here... I might just take a cab to the show since I dont feel like walking in the snow after dark... Wish me luck!!!
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Ok, so for starters, the bad news:
:iconneroangelus: had to drop out of this years challenge due to school demands and life in general.  Truth is, i know that we're just drawing a pic a day but it is a LOT harder to do in practice, even for those of us that doodle every day.  For what it's worth, yes I am still in the challenge but I have fallen grossly behind, BUT i'm still gonna give it my all to try and complete the month.  Due to other obligations however, I'm probably not gonna be able to color any of these pics.  As long as I do the drawings though, I'll be fine with that!  :iconcoreylandis: is still in the game as well, wish us luck!!

This week sees us venture into the world of giant monsters, KAIJU WEEK!!!!
time to draw some big scaly mother f*ckas!!!!

My vacation starts next week, but the concert going starts this Thursday when I go to San Diego to see Pearl Jam in the first of a string of 9 concerts. I AM SO AMPED FOR THIS!!!!!

Thanks as always for the faves/comments/watches/badges, you guys are still the best!!!
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Well, week one is complete, with only one late drawing... 2 if you factor in that the pic i was coloring today was ruined when i accidentally started doing a lot of work on the WRONG FREAKING LAYER!!!

Never the less... i'll be uploading that late pic as soon as I can.
We're only 2 weeks away from my vacation and i'll be honest, i dont know if I'll be able to draw and post while I'm on the road, but I will certainly try!!!

Week 2 brings us:
Any characters from any media with the single condition that they be purple skinned (or furred, or metal skinned if its a robot).  For those who've been watching me since 09, we once did a "Blue People" week and this is sort of a call back to it that we wanted to do based on the added challenge of not knowing too many purple characters, especially sine we're trying not to go for the norms... well at least I am lol!!

I havent gotten the artists pics for the week so I'll update when that information becomes available, until then, LETS DO THIS!!!

For anyone wondering where the podcasts and :iconneroangelus:'s video review show are, see this link:…
Its a sad state of affairs BUT we'll be back, consider this vacation time for us!

Thanks as always for the watches/faves/comments/badges, you guys are the best!!

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Where did the time go, its November again and this of course means....

god i hate this hahah
The rules are simple:
1. Post 1 new pic a day for the entire month, preferably finished pencils or inked images
2. 1 pic per week must be colored
3. 1 pic per week will be chosen by the other challengers (this year we are each doing 2 a week to kick up the challenge a little)
4. Every week we are allowed a "Smiley Face", that is to say if for any reason we cannot complete a pic we are allowed to literally draw and post a smiley face for that days pic.  Smiley face also applies to rough/unfinished sketches, basically we allowed to f*ck up once a week!!!

This year will present an extra challenge for me as i will be on the road for the second half of the month as I make a pilgrimage up north and back following Pearl Jam on tour.  THATS GONNA BE GREAT!!!
Oh god, im gonna crash and burn so badly lol!!

Wish me luck as we begin!
This years participants are both returning from last year, :iconcoreylandis: & :iconneroangelus:, be sure to check out their pics too!!!

This weeks theme is: PSYCHOPOMPS!!!  Death gods, gods of death, the beings that take you TO the land of the dead, pretty much everything and anything DEATH!!!!!  And there is more than just the grim reaper available as we're allowing for both mythological and pop culture! Well, if im gonna crash and burn, LET ME GO DOWN IN FLAMES!!!!!

Quick note to anyone following the podcast, we are taking a little time off to retool the show and fix up a few amenities to improve everything,... not to mention a losing battle with blip!  Stay tuned, we'll be back after some month long messages!!

Ok, as always thanks for all the faves/watches/badges/comments, you guys are the best!!!
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The only time I get the blues when it rains is when i TOTALLY miss the rain.  Apparently it rained here in the LA/Long Beach area, and since i work inside a office with no windows, I couldn't tell until I left work!  It's too bad, i love driving in the rain, walking in the rain, not singing in the rain as that would violate the estate of Gene Kelly!

More drawings in the works AND the November Challenge is almost upon us, i'm simultaneously dreading and looking forward to it as the last half of it will be spent on the road, hey some pics might be posted from Canada, that will be different!  

For fans following the podcast, the latest episode is up
In this weeks episode, we totally get derailed and end up making the topic Godzilla, plus i had 2 beers in me so I was a little more chatty than usual!  I think i have to do that more often!

Also make sure to check out Nero's latest review of GiJoe Retalliation,…

Thanks as always for all the Watches, Faves, comments and Badges!

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Well, we're about a month away from the November Challenge where I attempt to draw and post a pic a day (despite that I will be on the road for 2 weeks of it!)  I'm sure this will be a bit of an additional challenge, but you know what?  IM GONNA BE ON THE ROAD SEEING PEARL JAM, SO SCREW IT NOTHING IS GONNA BRING ME DOWN, AND I WILL STILL DO MY DAMNDEST TO GET MY PICS DONE!!!  WOOOOOO!!!!

Ok,  So working on a few pics here and there (mostly commissions but a few personal projects too!)  And still working on the podcast which is going ok, despite a few hurdles.  This month sees a new Pearl Jam cd and a cd of Christmas songs from Bad Religion, so double score!  This will be a fun October!

And speaking of the Podcast:

Episode 20-Nero has a mental breakdown discussing the new Lobo design and we talk about the season premiere of Legend of Korra…

Episode 21-A discussion of why we missed a week, what we were doing, and the state of parody movies in comparison to classic ones like the Airplane movies, and their little remembered brethren!…

Thanks as always for all the comments, faves, watches and badges!
Peace Y'all!!
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So I've been watching the ninth season of x-files as I had unfortunately missed it almost in its entirety due to working Sunday nights back in the day AND not having a TV of my own at the time.  Well, figured I'd catch up and FINALLY watch it an episode a day during lunch break at work. 

First thoughts?  Honestly I felt that this season got a bad rap as it was generally pretty good, developing the new leads (Doggett and Reyes) but to be fair if I had watched this season during its initial airing, I much like the majority of X-Philes would probably have been pissed and stopped watching since they had essentially gotten rid of Mulder and reduced Scully to a side character.

Still, a highly under appreciated season.  Highlights include "John Doe", "Jump the Shark", "William" and "Release", holy CRAP these were all tear-jerkers... resulting in my calling this season the "X-Feels".  Still, regardless of being Mulderless with the exception of the first and final episodes AND clips here and there, this was a pretty good season, but I think Season 3 was still the best!

In other news, still drawing and working on multiple commissions, hoping to finish off a few this week!  only 2 months left before my trip, and getting SERIOUSLY antsy about it, CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!

Didn't update last week, so I'm behind in posting the latest eps of the podcast, so for all those interested who havent already heard it:

Episode 18:  In this one, among other things, Nero and I discuss the new(?) show, Xaolin Chronicles and are generally perturbed by it.  Also, a new segment called Nero Rages is introduced.…

Episode 19: Digging back into the 80's, this weeks cast finds us talking about one of those 80's franchises that just didn't catch on despite it being a generally awesome premise, space cowboys!  Marshall Bravestarr!  Also, one of the funniest rages I've ever heard!…

If anyone out gets a chance to hear these, please give feedback if you get a chance!

Thats all for now, thanks as always for the faves/watches/comments/badges, you guys are still the best!\
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Well, im about done with the last batch of commissions, with one huge exception, :iconestonius: don't worry, I have not forgotten about you, your end result will cap off the commission rush, just saving the best for last!

But anyone else out there interested in commissioning me?  Or know anyone who might be?  LET ME KNOW!!!

Latest Podcast is up, on this weeks episode Nero and I discuss a few goofy things which happened to us during the week and try to break down Freakazoid, but just get lost in the insanity... along with what might be my most embarrassing moment ever caught on tape... figuratively, its all digital these days!!  Give it a listen if you're bored, and let us know what you think if ya get a chance!…

Thanks as always for all the faves, watches, badges and comments, you guys remain THE BEST!
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To say that this year has been epic is an understatement and it only seems to be getting better.

I just got back from Summer Slam at the Staples Center, and it was pretty freaking amazing, perhaps enough that I am curious enough to start trying to watch Monday Night Raw again, we'll see if I regret that within 24 hours lol!

I never addressed the end of the month of drawing from July, but overall despite a few late pics, it was a great experience, somehow the quicker pace of drawing allowed me to keep drawing more and more (most pics wont be posted here on deviant, BUT they will be posted elsewhere in some cases!)

Linkin Park put on a great show, but the audience SUCKED, screw you audience!  Next up is Epicenter in September, can't wait for that.  And the Pearl Jam tour trip has been expanded, I'm hitting up Calgary and Vancouver in Canada for a total of 9 shows!  I AM SO FUCKING AMPED FOR THIS VACATION TRIP!!!!  My head may explode before them from sheer awesome!

I know I'm running late on these, SO...

Latest episodes of the Nero*Verb Podcast-
Episode 14-We attempt to wrap up our talk about the TMNT franchise as we discuss other parts of the phenomena, including the movies, the games, and the music!…

Episode 15-Just when we thought we were done talking turtles, the season finale aired.  Hear what our opinions on it were!…

Episode 16-The season finale of Gravity Falls aired recently, and we take this opportunity to discuss the show, the characters and the crazy!…

Thats it for this update, Thanks as always for all the faves, messages and watches, you guys are the best!!
I'm currently full on commissions, but I will be announcing when more slots are available.

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So I just need 2 more drawings to finish off the month, I think its been an overall successful month of posting a drawing a day, even if the "a day" part was a little loose!  Its been a very random assortment of what I chose to draw, with only 1 themed week.  But 1 more on Monday, and one last one after that and I am DONE!

Next weekend I'm seeing Linkin Park at the Sunset Strip Music Festival and then I'm going to Epicenter in September (Offspring, Bad Religion and Pennywise... NUFF SAID!!!!)  And even after that, I have a VERY big event to look forward to, I am going to follow Pearl Jam up the west coast for 7 concerts, and being that they are my favorite band, THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!  I'll be starting in San Diego, and ending it in Seattle, Washington, their home town.  DAMN THAT WILL BE AMAZING!!!  November will rock, however I wonder how I'm going to manage the November Challenge while I'm on the road... definitely taking the sketchbook with me though, I'll figure something out!  Aside from that I'm going to start a brutal workout schedule to try and get in shape for this trip, I want to be at my best when I'm in the pit for 2 of these shows!!!

That said, I'm obviously going to be needing extra money to fund my outing, for gas, hotel, food and what not, SO if anyone out there is interested in a commission, PLEASE contact me via note or email!!!!  I will probably be taking all commissions to make sure I do not run out of fundage during my 2 week traveling vacation!!

Lastly, the latest episode of the Nero*Verb Podcast is up,… In this episode, we continue our discussion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when we talk about the 2012 series, some talk of the series finale of Transformers Prime and a few other tidbits, be sure to check it out!

Thanks as always for all the faves, comments, watches and badges, your guys are the best!
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OK, so I've been doing a drawing a day so far all month, BUT DAMN did this month get busy!!!  Between work and art, I got more guitar practice in, walking everyday to try and get in shape, editing the Nero*Verb Podcast (latest episode is up, link will be at the bottom of the page!) and THEN there was the incredibly tiring yet insanely fun Anime Expo on the first week of the month, plus I just got back from seeing the Counting Crows and the Wallflowers live in concert... oh my GOD THIS WAS AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!  When the Counting Crows played their song, Rain King, not 2 seconds passed before I felt a rain drop on my head.  ADAM DURITZ REALLY IS THE RAIN KING!!!  Honestly got teary eyed when I sang along to "Omaha", just so many good memories associated with this band and that song. 

It brings to mind another song, by another band, "Is That Me?" by the Uninvited.  The lyrics to the chorus just choke me up more and more with every passing day.  See, sometimes I forget that I am as old as I am.  Nothing bad, like I don't feel saddened or anything, I just can't help but reflect on so many days past, so many friends made, so many lost, so many mistakes, so many victories, so many fails, so many attempts, so many successes, so many laughs and so many tears:

"Leaning on a broken crutch, seen a lot but ain't done much
Sleeping on a pile of good intentions
Had a plan it's here somewhere, underneath this padded chair
Between the couch and the television
Well, morning makes a claim and again I'll play the game
But first, there's something I've just got to say

Is that really me in the mirror, is that me in this picture?
Could it be I've lived through all those years?
Is that me in the mirror, I can see someone familiar
But it seems the laughter and the tears have all but passed him by"

Some days, I just can't help but smile at everything as I think about the past, and look forward to the future.  Isn't it amazing what the right concert can do to you?  I have Linkin Park to look forward to in 2 weeks, Offspring/Bad Religion/Pennywise in a month, then in November, I'm taking 2 weeks off work and following my favorite band, Pearl Jam up the west coast from San Diego to Seattle.  DAMN THIS IS AN AMAZING YEAR!!!!!

Anyways enough rambling, yes, I am running a day late, I will catch up in time, but I really got to just relax for a day!!

Be sure to check out the latest episode of the Nero*Verb Podcast,…
This week we continue our multi-episode retrospective on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and give a small reaction to Pacific Rim. 
Thanks as always for all the Faves, Watches, Comments, and Badges, you guys all rock!!!

See ya in 2 days when I start posting again, but for now I gotta get some sleep before I go back to work!!
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Ok, so I got away with 1 theme during this Bonus drawing a day challenge, but i think i'll have to go back to completely random selections!
No clue where to go from here, but that just means i'll have to be random and select characters from WHEREVER to draw... this will probably be as fun as it will be frustrating!!

The latest episode of the Nero*Verb Podcast is up, in celebration of hitting double digits (which we kinda doubted we'd get to lol) we are tackling the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Which version?  ALL OF THEM!!  This week we ramble on about the 80s Series and discuss its strengths, its weaknesses, and its animation flubs.  Be sure to check it out!

I'm seeing the Counting Crows/Wallflowers concert next week, thats something to look forward to!
Thanks as always for the faves, comments, watches and badges!
Peace y'all!!
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Pearl Jam announced a tour this fall... I AM SO F*CKING SEEING THEM THIS YEAR, THIS WILL BE THE NEW BEST AND GREATEST YEAR OF CONCERTS EVER!!!  I managed to see Social Distortion (twice), Bad Religion twice (soon to be thrice!) Ben Folds Five twice, along with Guster and the Barenaked Ladies, Green Day, I will be seeing Counting Crows and Wallflowers in about 2 weeks, and Linkin Park in 2 months.  Add to that that I'm seeing Offspring, Pennywise and the aforementioned Bad Religion (a THIRD TIME!!) in September, and then add to that the ultimate (for me) icing on the cake, my favorite band Pearl Jam!... to fellow fans my avatar should give that away!!!  I am SO going to try to bust a deadhead and just follow them up the coast all the way to Seattle... I probably won't, BUT I SURE AS HELL WILL TRY!!!  Damn, this year has been FUCKING AWESOME!!!!
Well, I seem to be holding strong so far.  I've been able to keep up drawing a pic a day (aside from some posting issues, lol).  I decided to try for a theme this week like I do during the November Challenge, and for this weeks theme I have chosen:
Bettys Week!
A bunch of (mostly) fictional, animated gals named Betty!
This starts strong, but I did kinda have a little trouble finishing off who to draw, but maybe you'll be surprised by some of the choices I made... though a ton of them should be obvious!

The new episode of :iconneroangelus:'s and my podcast is up, join us as we wax poetically about an old favorite of mine, The Mystery Men!…
Check it out, we had a ton of fun recording it!
"I would forever be he WHO DEALT IT!"

Thanks as always to everyone who faved, watched, and commented!
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So I decided to try this again from a few years ago and try to post a pic a day during July, why?  Cuz I think it sucks that I  mainly post during November for my November Challenge, and for f*cks sake, I would like to post more than 30 pics a year!!!

So, with no order or idea going in, i'm just gonna draw whatever i can think of...
to anyone who had requests, NOW IS THE TIME TO TURN THEM IN, I dont guarantee I'll draw your request, but it may get drawn!  That's better than a flat out no, right?  Drop a note or comment on this journal if your interested!

In other news, our Podcast is finally back after a brief hiatus brought about by sickness, health, technical issues, work issues and the bloody internet betraying me.

Episode 9: We tackle the Man of Steel Movie... if you enjoyed this movie, you should skip this episode!…

Thanks as always for all the comments, faves and watches!!
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Spent my tax return repairing my guitars, and my last baby came home from the shop last week.  I had bought a 5 guitar stand to house them, and for the first time in years, all 5 guitars sit atop that stand in full WORKING glory... God i love making noise on them lol!!

Outside of that, I took a little time off from commission work to work on a few joke doodles, be sure to check them out in my gallery!… and…

And speaking of checking things out, be sure to check out the Podcast I do with :iconneroangelus:
We're finally starting to get into a groove, and we're updating weekly now... barring any unforeseen internet outages that render me useless... which I am talking to my provider about, damn useless beatniks...

Anyways, if you're behind, here are some links to the latest episodes:
Episode 5:… We discuss a recent favorite, The Venture Brothers!
Episode 6:… A introduction to why we love anime, and how we got into it, and a discussion on an old hilarious, perverted classic, Golden Boy!
Episode 7:… We discuss how surprised we were about how good we thought the Looney Tunes Show was!

More episodes coming each weekend, be sure to check em out and let us know what you think!
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This April is proving to just be awesome...

Attended a live podcast at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal Studios, Rob Paulsen's Talkin' Toons.  It was just so effing awesome... It was advertised as the Animaniacs reunion (Yakko-Rob Paulsen, Wakko-Jess Harnell and Dot-Tress MacNeille) but due to the friendships made in their line of work, we wound up getting guest appearances from Nancy Cartwright, Kevin Michael Richardson, Paul Rugg, and Maurice LaMarche.  Plus getting a minute or 2 to chat with one of my personal heroes (Rob Paulsen) was just awesome.  Can't to hear it all over again when its posted on his website.

This Thursday, I go see Bad Religion at the Palladium in Hollywood, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!  Even though this will be somewhere around the 15th time I see them (hell, the second time this year!), I am still as excited as I was the first time i saw them oh so many years ago.  On the same night, my niece/god-daughter and her mom (my sister) will enjoy their first Green Day concert courtesy of me... mostly because I bought tickets without realizing that the Bad Religion show was playing that same night!... so made the best of the situation, and made them pretty damn happy!.

Then this Saturday is the annual Autism awareness walk, which I will be participating in.  Let's Do This!

Believe it or not, I am managing to get a little sketching in here and there, but mostly its commission work that is not to be posted.  But fret not, i'll have stuff to post soon.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out the podcast I do with :iconneroangelus:
Episode 3:…

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Peace out y'all!